Glass fusing

The use of glass in modern interiors is gaining increasing popularity: door inserts and doors entirely from glass, countertops and shelves, stained glass and mirrors, transparent stairs and baths-aquariums. Realizing his wildest fantasy man, he created from the glass floor, skyscrapers and palaces, exhibition pavilions and art objects. Transparent or matte, plastic or glossy overflows of texture, glass in different forms are used in the house - the products from it are both functional and beautiful. Changing its appearance, the glass fits into any interior: from antique to high - tech. From the glass create elements of furniture and a lot of decorative accessories: chandeliers, lamps, candlesticks, sconces, vases, glasses and much more. Pictures made of glass will make your house unique.

Translated from English, the word "fusing" means "heating," "melting," "melting," "

"Sintering". This technique of processing glass, which is based on the thermal connection of glass fragments into one, has been known since the time of ancient Egypt.

The modern method is simple and technological: on a transparent glass-base, like a mosaic, a pattern is made of fragments of colored glass. Then the billet is sintered in a special furnace at a temperature of about 850 degrees, turning into a single layer.

The relief and clarity of the melted fragments depends on the time and the sintering temperature. Thus, you can create blurry "watercolor" or clear "graphite" images.

Glass, unique in its properties of the material. Glass is amorphous, i.e. It becomes more and more plastic when heated, and eventually turns into a liquid. It is on this property of glass that fusing is based. sintering. Fusing - usually flat sintering. In this way, all kinds of products can be manufactured, which are very difficult to list and only the imagination of the artist is a limitation.

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