About the workshop

Stained-glass workshop of Irina Efremova

Stained glass workshop of Irina Efremova has been working since 2007.

Irina Efremova graduated from the Tashkent Architectural and Construction Institute with a master's degree in architecture and has a master's degree in this specialty.

She passed internships in Spain, Italy and Moscow to work with colored glass and stained glass materials.

All sketches in the workshop are developed individually for each customer.

Development of sketches is done on a free basis, sketches are the property of the workshop, and we reserve the right to use them at our discretion. The customer has the right to ask to keep the identity of his sketch after the execution of the stained glass window. If the customer took the sketches and decided not to order stained glass in the workshop, the designer will have the right to use these sketches in further developments.

The customer can also bring his own stained glass picture.

We also manufacture lamps, mirrors and utensils for individual projects.

The site features stained glass windows, exclusively made in our workshop.

We work in several stained glass techniques: a stained glass window, a stained-glass window from colored baked glass-fusing and a stained-glass window with the use of beveled glass or bevels.

For film stained glass special English stained-glass films are used, which absorb ultraviolet and are resistant to temperature changes, do not change color and structure for 15 years. The joints of the films are covered with a special metal tape. After finishing the stained glass window, it can be washed and wiped like a regular glass.

For stained glass in the technique of fusing is used the colored glass of Spain, Italy and America, which is baked in a special oven at a temperature of 800 degrees, it is already more durable and more durable stained glass. The palette of colored glass has more than 40 colors. This stained glass is also resistant to temperature changes and ultraviolet and is easy to operate. In this stained glass you can create any texture of glass.

The price of the stained glass is calculated individually and depends on the complexity of the picture and the complexity of the stained glass.

The price is also affected by additional services.

The price of stained glass includes: delivery of stained glass, installation by our masters of stained glass, reliable packaging of each glass, regardless of size.

If you say that you do not need delivery and installation, as well as packing of stained glass, we can deduct all this from the estimated cost of the stained glass window.

But then the responsibility for the delivery and safety of the stained glass is borne by the customer himself after the samovyvoza from the workshop.

We serve our stained glass windows and after our installation, if you have any problems in the operation of the stained glass window, you can call us and our specialists will come and help you with the solution of the problem.


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